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Thursday, 27 September 2018

Be the best vision of yourself

Everyone wants to be the best but very few succeed in that. Because till now the definition of best for us is entirely different when we say he/she is best the first thing clicks in our mind is a perfect look, an amazing personality, and highly successful person. but is it actually correct? Can we measure the best of a person in terms of looks and money? If this is right than most the billionaire should be happy. Follow the change: This is necessary for all of us to update ourselves with time. If is ask you why you update your applications in the mobile so what will you say? The answer is to get the best version of that application to update mobile. We heard this so many times that “Change is constant ““we have always done this that way” whenever you think this we are out because then we can’t give anything new to the society by being the same. E.g. we always thought that blockbusters movie will be out of the trend but Netflix threw them out because we know that Netflix is trending so fast. So, change is constant as well as essential for us and all of the most beautiful people should be happy. But we often see that very minor percentage of them are happy. Then what is the secret behind the “how to be the best version of yourself “? There is some basic mantra of this let’s check them out.
It doesn’t mean that we have to change our culture, traditions, principles, wisdom because this can never change but how you bring this to peoples can definitely change. and if you don’t cope up with the change you too tagged ‘outdated’.

Live Your Present: Being in the present we don’t have to start getting the present when pressure is high. We need to start practicing being in the present when pressure is low. When we talk about being present one thing that we need to start practicing being physically present and more than that emotionally present. For example, we see people talking chatting with each other and scrolling their mobile, checking out their messages. What they are doing is that they doing distracted and not living to live it now. being emotionally present mean to cultivating the attitude of being present.

Improvise the Present of Your Life: Improving standard of life doesn’t mean to drive a Bentley, to travel in business class, to wear a Rolex or to live in the bungalow NO…… It really doesn’t matter. It only matters that you should never compromise with the standard of your life. It doesn’t standard of your living that makes you happy. And very often we forget to give attention to those things that can truly that makes us happy. Things like Bentley, Rolex etc have utility value only not happiness value. It is good to be ambitious to want about Bentley or bungalow but in doing this never ever compromise on those principles that also improves the standard of life. Because there is more to life than money can buy. And if you than what money can you buy. And if you truly want to know rich you are, drop a tear and see how many hands came to wipe that tear. Our happiness and our increased standard of life are not in luxurious things. It is in the relationship, it’s meaningful heartful deep bonding of love that brings fulfillment to the heart.

The balance between the External and Internal: It is very important for us to balance between our external and internal. External could be seen but internal couldn’t. For example, you could find a person’s personality very attractive and karizmatic but what his/her personality so amazing is the inner pure character of that person. External beauty doesn’t matter, as you could balance that with your extraordinary inner beauty what we have outside is just a casing but the inner value makes our the best version of our self.

Never Leave Hope: I think this one aspect that we all need to accept and come to term with in life, there is going to be things that are beyond our control. Let’s not fight this back and let’s not come into the mode of controllership thinking that everything is in my hands. Because this thinking can disappoint us, frustrate us, when things don’t go our way. So, everything doesn’t go by my watch, life has its watch, higher powers have their watch and thing will come to us. E.g. No actor lasted forever in terms of their fame, no actor will last forever. No athlete, no sportsperson has lasted forever and no sports person will last forever because we know that everyone has their time, everyone has their day and that day just doesn’t last forever. So, this basically means that time changes for everyone no matter where it is at this time. Everyone gets his/her chance to do something in his/her life. So, the parameter, the principle, the value, the ethic that actually help us continue with perseverance and patience is HOPE. Hope is that one element that can keep us going. The worst thing to happen in life is to lose hope and be hopeless so if you sitting there waiting for our turn to come hope against hope. One day I will also have my time and my place. When how we don’t know because there are factors that are completely beyond our control.

Choose between Destiny or Hard Work: what makes us successful? Is it all destiny or it is all our hard work? Well, there are some things in life that we could not choose e.g. we never choose our parents, our looks, our blood-relations this is all our destiny. So, we can say that situations are destiny you didn’t choose them, they came to you. If someone comes and insults you. This situation is destined. But our response to those situations is our choice. The response is not destiny. What we choose in our choice and what we choose it that decide our future destiny. That is why they say that MAN IS THE MAKER OF HIS DESTINY, not situations. Situations will remain what they are but how you respond to those situations is completely and entirely your choice. You have a choice to work hard, to cultivate that attitude. That attitude is not destiny that attitude is the choice and when you choose that attitude, hopefully, victory will come to you right away. Even if it doesn’t come to you right away you have sown the seed that will pay back. That seed that is sown certainly fructify now, after ten years or after twenty years or later. This is why persistence, sticking it out is so much essential.

Be Self-confident, not Arrogant: when we talk about self-confidence it means to be the best version of yourself. There is the very thin line between self-confidence and arrogance and it is important to understand that. First of all, you should know that you are only your own competition actually, nobody is your competition. We have to compete with ourselves every single moment, every single day to get better than ourselves, to get the better version of ourselves, so self-confidence means being the best version of yourself and having that full confidence that I can get there, I can do anything. But if you are arrogant you will definitely think that you are the best in the whole world. Nobody can compete with you, nobody can stand by you. So, a self-confident person is the best version of himself/herself and an arrogant person is best in the whole universe, actually he/she is not but he/she thinks like that so, be self-confident not arrogant because confidence make you a strong person, a determined person, and arrogance makes you an over-smart person, which I think nobody wants to be.

True Mantra for Happiness: Money is the basic need of our life without money there is nothing wrong possessing you, earn more money, fulfill your needs, utilize your money to share and serve others and transform the value of money from currency to happiness. Earning money mere give you happiness but when we share it with someone who really needs it more than anyone then only you find peace and satisfaction. There are the precious feelings which can never buy by money can earn only earn by helping those who are needy and poor. This is only Mantra of happiness “If you help others God will help you” sharing is earning. I read once that “The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything.

So, friends follow these easy steps and you could be the best version of yourself. Hope you like my first try for a motivational post about this.

Monday, 17 September 2018

The Hidden Mystery Behind Learning

Blended Learning

We have already lived a blended life. Human experimental design of physical-digital blends has the potential to impact on our everyday life in several different but interesting ways. Our mental activities are also changed through physical-digital blending along with some of the ways in which we carry out our intention. One of the most beautiful examples is BLENDED LEARNING. It is a student-centered learning environment in which students have some control over. Blended learning gives students the ability to work in their best learning modality at their own speed and to collaborate with other students to maximize learning. The hope is that students who have input will be more engaged and enthusiastic learning. It combines traditional instruction, technology-rich instruction and online learning for an engaging and an exciting future. Blended learning combines the online delivery of educational content with the best features of classroom interaction and lives instruction to personalized learning allow thoughtful reflection and differentiate instruction from student to student across a diverse group of learners.

Benefits of Blended Learning

Cover huge platform of learning: - it can help students to cover all styles of learning by different kinds of learning by different kinds of medium and techniques. It makes the student smarter than others.

It makes you more flexible: - With this method you being online. Which make materials accessible anywhere, anytime. They allow you to grade whenever you have a free time and gives students a chance to engage with content when they leave the classroom.

Access to global resources: - It helps in access to global resources that meet the student’s level of knowledge and interest.

Self-Pacing: - It is more useful for the students who are slow learners which reduces the stress in them, increase confidence.

Affective Interaction: - it provides more effective interactions between learners and their interactions through the use of email, discussion boards, and chat room.

Improve the quality of teaching: - As it supports the face to face teaching approaches by E-learning which improve quality of teaching and learning.

Better Communication and Collaborate learning: - In this learner use many tools like blogs, online discussions, instant messages and other by doing this. They are able to collaborate with each other is a better way, in or out of the training room.

Skill and performance development can be tracked: - It helps in tracking the material accessed by a participant which shows how, and at what time they reviewed the material, this provide a track record of employees which are further used to take their promotion and development decision.

Cost-effective: - This method not only saves the traveling cost but also cost of missed work, it is not only removing the limitation of time and place but also reduce the travel cost for both the instructor and participants.

Why Blended Learning Becoming a Trend?

Learning Booster: - due to its easy accessibility learners can learn at their own pace and acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in the way that best fits their individual learning style. This is the great technique of learning because in less time we can learn a lot.

Involve a student: - this learning system can involve a student more profusely by different learning materials. Then to build engagement the course moderators can set a series of shared targets for the learners to accomplish.

Provide better opportunity: - one of the biggest advantages of blended instruction is to create opportunities in which your trainees are able to apply new knowledge to the real scenario. It allows the information to come together in a different or new light each time.

Make learner more informative: - all members can gain more knowledge by absorbing the main points of lessons and the see how they work offline?

Difference between technology integration & blended learning

The difference between in blended learning and a technology-rich classroom can be confusing. Many teachers use technology like computers, a smart board, document cameras and educational software to enhance instruction. Tech. integration can allow the teacher to make changes to lessons by changing tasks in ways not previously available. While the use of technology tools can enhance the learning of students. It is not blended! For example, we can say Blended Learning=Teacher + Technology working together! In addition to a teacher in a brick and mortar school. Blended learning is not just about incorporating cool new technology or online content. Blended learning requires an effective teacher to help and guide student learning.
This method helps us to retain our old traditional methods, this won’t change our tradition and old culture, it just combines it with new technology to make education more a fun task. Because we know this generation love technology a lot

Blended Learning over Traditional Studies Comparison

Blended Learning:
  1. Blended learning is a very time consuming to create your curse it also needs extra training to be prepared to teach the course.
  2. It is a very creative method which automatically caches the attention of a student with flexibility and assignments.
  3. It is the perfect mixture of face to face interaction and online interaction which make this system one of the best systems.
  4. It only meets with the students once or twice a week based on their busy schedules.
  5. this method is a bit costly but you can say this is an investment in a long run programme.
Tradition System:
  1. Tradition system setting where expectations are set based on school history. It does not need extra training as teacher familiar with routine and teaching method.
  2. This method uses the old techniques and do not invents any new content which makes this boring and non-attractive.
  3. It engages in the meet on a daily bases with laboratory, lectures, and collaborative activities.
  4. This system judges’ students according to the worksheets and test.
  5. Not costly at all but the student does not teach anything new or innovative.
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Friday, 14 September 2018


Today, we are living in a competitive world…. A world which is full of challenges and struggle. We want success, want to always be the first in all aspects of life. But do we succeed in that we often see that only 12-13% of us succeeded in our goal and others not? We think our failure is because of our destiny. But is it really logical to blame our failure in the name of destiny? Why we won’t understand that destiny does not make us, we make our destiny. But if it is really true that why we fail in a task again and again? But What makes successful people so different from us. Why they are extraordinary and we are just ordinary. So many questions and answer are only one that is our MINDSET.

I explain this to you with a very simple example. Most of us once in a lifetime surely join the gym, whenever we started we saw that 90% of the gym is occupied but within a week this percentage decreases to only 40%... Why? Because only that 40% peoples set their mind for weight loss or to be fit and remaining are just fixed their mind that they can’t do that. No matter what they can neither get fit nor they can loss weight. So, what it is? This is different between the two mindsets one is FIXED MINDSET and other is GROWTH MINDSET.


The growth mindset is the belief in your capacity to learn and grow. This concept is mostly heard in the field of sports and education. This is a better way to change and improve the way we learn. This powerful idea is to push forward by CARL.S. DWECK Ph.D. is one of world’s leading researchers in the field of motivation and is the Lewis and Virginia Eaton professor of psychology at Stanford University. She is also the author of the best-selling book MINDSET: - The new psychology of success. She has been studying why some people succeed while people, who are equally to talented, do not. And over the years she has discovered that people’s mind plays a crucial role in this process. These mindsets are really important when it comes to learning.


Fixed Mindset: - The people who have a fixed mindset believe that skills and intelligence are set and you either have them or you don’t that some people are just naturally good at things, while others are not. They believe that you are not in control of your abilities. These people believe that skills are born and you can’t learn and grow.

Growth Mindset:- The people who have a fixed mindset believe that skills and intelligence are set and you either have them or you don’t that some people are just naturally good at things, while others are not. They believe that you are not in control of your abilities. These people believe that skills are born and you can’t learn and grow.

The mindset has a great impact on the people able to learn and people can grow much faster with this mindset.


Always be positive: - always think positive for this self-talk is a good way to boost yourself. For example, never say, I am not good at this instead of finding out what you missed which create hurdle you to achieve that goal.

Never give up: - If you are facing new challenges, surely you will face many difficulties. Keeping trying new strategies to face that. The new strategies help you to cope up with the stressful situation and could also help to face the challenges. So never give up and keep trying and trying and trying until you succeed. Success could boost your confidence and, in the future, you never give up.

Never Satisfy: - When we do something, always try to improve that. This will make you best. Because when we get satisfied we stop exploring things. So never satisfied with your work. Keep saying to yourself that you can make it better and try to the betterment of your project even if you think that this is the best.

Never scared of failure: - When you fail somewhere your self-esteem, your self-confidence shakes but never let your failure over-power you, always remember that failure give you a chance to learn from your mistakes and correct them.

Accept new challenges: - always say yes to challenges, as these challenges will keep you going and help you to look forward. It enhances your confidence and brilliance. It will make you SMART.

Always prepare a PLAN B: - when you work on any task be sure that you should have PLAN B. By doing this if your PLAN A failed then you never feel dishearted as you know you have another plan.

Be like a baby: - A baby never scared of anything. He/She does not know the meaning of failure or succeeded. When they learn to walk, they fall and fall again but they never give up and succeeded one day. They do not know the difference between good or bad, high or low, beautiful or ugly. They always are energetic, full of confidence and positive. So be a baby.

Always learn new things: - if you see that there is something that your friend could do but you could not then don’t give up but try to learn from them that way of learning. You should only focus on learning new things, it should not matter that where it comes from. Because it is not ok to not try instead of its ok to not know.


  1. There is an important link between mindset and achievement. it proves we can indeed change a person’s mindset fixed to growth and it leads to increase motivation and achievement.
  2. It will encourage a child to choose a challenge and perform it well, by doing this their abilities increases.
  3. it praises a child’s hard work and effort which cultivates a growth mindset.
  4. It decreases the chance of a fixed mindset by not telling a child that they are smart instead of this keep improving them to betterment.
  5. It will help the child to increase their neural growth by using good strategies asking questions, practicing and good diet and sleep habits.
So, keep murmuring these lines to make you are perfect growth mindset.

“Every day I will try my best.
I will not quit. I will not rest.
Until my brain has grown a bit
And I have learned how to do it.
If I fail I will be ok.
I will just try a different way.
I will say I just can’t do it yet,
Because I have a GROWTH MINDSET”.

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