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The Hidden Mystery Behind Learning

Blended Learning

We have already lived a blended life. Human experimental design of physical-digital blends has the potential to impact on our everyday life in several different but interesting ways. Our mental activities are also changed through physical-digital blending along with some of the ways in which we carry out our intention. One of the most beautiful examples is BLENDED LEARNING. It is a student-centered learning environment in which students have some control over. Blended learning gives students the ability to work in their best learning modality at their own speed and to collaborate with other students to maximize learning. The hope is that students who have input will be more engaged and enthusiastic learning. It combines traditional instruction, technology-rich instruction and online learning for an engaging and an exciting future. Blended learning combines the online delivery of educational content with the best features of classroom interaction and lives instruction to personalized learning allow thoughtful reflection and differentiate instruction from student to student across a diverse group of learners.

Benefits of Blended Learning

Cover huge platform of learning: - it can help students to cover all styles of learning by different kinds of learning by different kinds of medium and techniques. It makes the student smarter than others.

It makes you more flexible: - With this method you being online. Which make materials accessible anywhere, anytime. They allow you to grade whenever you have a free time and gives students a chance to engage with content when they leave the classroom.

Access to global resources: - It helps in access to global resources that meet the student’s level of knowledge and interest.

Self-Pacing: - It is more useful for the students who are slow learners which reduces the stress in them, increase confidence.

Affective Interaction: - it provides more effective interactions between learners and their interactions through the use of email, discussion boards, and chat room.

Improve the quality of teaching: - As it supports the face to face teaching approaches by E-learning which improve quality of teaching and learning.

Better Communication and Collaborate learning: - In this learner use many tools like blogs, online discussions, instant messages and other by doing this. They are able to collaborate with each other is a better way, in or out of the training room.

Skill and performance development can be tracked: - It helps in tracking the material accessed by a participant which shows how, and at what time they reviewed the material, this provide a track record of employees which are further used to take their promotion and development decision.

Cost-effective: - This method not only saves the traveling cost but also cost of missed work, it is not only removing the limitation of time and place but also reduce the travel cost for both the instructor and participants.

Why Blended Learning Becoming a Trend?

Learning Booster: - due to its easy accessibility learners can learn at their own pace and acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in the way that best fits their individual learning style. This is the great technique of learning because in less time we can learn a lot.

Involve a student: - this learning system can involve a student more profusely by different learning materials. Then to build engagement the course moderators can set a series of shared targets for the learners to accomplish.

Provide better opportunity: - one of the biggest advantages of blended instruction is to create opportunities in which your trainees are able to apply new knowledge to the real scenario. It allows the information to come together in a different or new light each time.

Make learner more informative: - all members can gain more knowledge by absorbing the main points of lessons and the see how they work offline?

Difference between technology integration & blended learning

The difference between in blended learning and a technology-rich classroom can be confusing. Many teachers use technology like computers, a smart board, document cameras and educational software to enhance instruction. Tech. integration can allow the teacher to make changes to lessons by changing tasks in ways not previously available. While the use of technology tools can enhance the learning of students. It is not blended! For example, we can say Blended Learning=Teacher + Technology working together! In addition to a teacher in a brick and mortar school. Blended learning is not just about incorporating cool new technology or online content. Blended learning requires an effective teacher to help and guide student learning.
This method helps us to retain our old traditional methods, this won’t change our tradition and old culture, it just combines it with new technology to make education more a fun task. Because we know this generation love technology a lot

Blended Learning over Traditional Studies Comparison

Blended Learning:
  1. Blended learning is a very time consuming to create your curse it also needs extra training to be prepared to teach the course.
  2. It is a very creative method which automatically caches the attention of a student with flexibility and assignments.
  3. It is the perfect mixture of face to face interaction and online interaction which make this system one of the best systems.
  4. It only meets with the students once or twice a week based on their busy schedules.
  5. this method is a bit costly but you can say this is an investment in a long run programme.
Tradition System:
  1. Tradition system setting where expectations are set based on school history. It does not need extra training as teacher familiar with routine and teaching method.
  2. This method uses the old techniques and do not invents any new content which makes this boring and non-attractive.
  3. It engages in the meet on a daily bases with laboratory, lectures, and collaborative activities.
  4. This system judges’ students according to the worksheets and test.
  5. Not costly at all but the student does not teach anything new or innovative.
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