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Wednesday, 30 January 2019

After School Program

Change is the only constant thing in the world and this applies to everyday life as well as trends Technology and advances in science. several years ago, at the end of school day students for safely delivered to their home where most likely a parent was waiting for the child return normally that children continued their days studies by completing homework while a parent supervised and sometimes assisted and made sure homework. while a parent supervised and sometimes assisted and made sure homework where done well. but as our society lifestyle, demands and responsibilities changed over time, so has the after-school life of our students. many have no parents/ guardians present when they arrive home. De Kanter verifies this fact she states that 35% old are home loan on a regular basis while their parents are at work in the afternoon and this fact indicates that there is a real problem regarding unsupervised youth so school needs for children to handle them.

After school program it is a unique and one of its kind first program which serve children for all ages it really helps the kids to gain the skills which they love it design to support the kids after the school children normally not only physically mentally and emotionally to be in school so this program helps them to do something different according to their choice So they feel fresh life. this program looking forward to gain children especially emotional regulation, distress, Tolerance. kids come after school they not only engaging in different activities but also engaging in meditation exercise, this is a way to teaching kids how they deals with stress and transitional period, we this program help them to developing those skills kids game Express themselves much more creativity than us so windy working on a project available to talk about project and their cooling buy that day Elegance the communication kids which is a key element in future it help kids strain gauge with common is due to the program offered in this there is also research that spot net after school program help kids score battery in candid lysed testing as we all know high level of Juvenile behaviour happens between the hours 3-6 PM
Kids are not only safe because they are in engaging in positive activities by doing their homework and joining their activities that will help them build good character. Kids can join activities that teach them skills that will help them in the long run. Research has shown kids who go to after school programs feel more ready entering college or work. Kids in ASP can learn and gain many good skills like leadership skills, social skills, critical thinking organisation and time management. It means that ASP can help close the achievement gap. Everyone will benefit from ASP especially weak kids. It will not help them do great school but to help prepare them gain skills that they can use in their lifetime .This program gave kids skills, confidence and mindset that help them feel prepare for any obstacle.



This program could keep the kids to turn their free hours into productive hours. They could use their free time to learn, communicate or could use it into betterment for them. This kind of program promote cooperation, support and respect. It also give you a great opportunity to socialise with new people. This is a great method to utilise the kids time in a very interesting and fun way.    


As child can work on homework in a more relaxed way with help available whenever necessary. It can provide  huge platform for getting more information about subjects such as maths, science which seems to be toughest for kids. This program increases the strength of children in those subjects and they will put in more efforts to succeed .These program also decreases the chance of child for dropout of school.As U.S. department of education determined that nearly half of participation and completion.


As this program provide a huge platform for children to meet and connect with new people which could improve their behaviour and fewer emotional problems. ASP build the character of a child and lead them to a healthy lifestyle by physical activity that promote teamwork, healthy eating and more.


ASP develop leadership skills with boys and girls club study showing how 82% of teens in their programme take on leadership roles, perhaps in student council.These leadership qualities help the children in their future to succeeded in life.
ASP also provide learning activities specially designed to promote the desire to learn and encourage student.


ASP are endorsed by law enforcement organisations because they are effective in reducing violence, theft, vandalism gang activity and adolescent crime because violent juvenile crime triples during hours from 1:00 to 8:00 PM.


ASP prepare youth for today’s workforce by providing academic enrichment and teaching skills not taught during school day. This help them to turn out not only a successful but also as successful business man. Students are ready to take any kind of challenges in their life more positively and faithfully.


ASP introduce new things, sometimes interesting, sometime challenging. Mastering a new art form or a new skill increase the child’s self-esteem. It also allows you to introduce your child to new career option.


ASP help the child to meet the others who shares their interest and make new friends. An acting class, music class or soccer class can be lots of fun. Child interacting with one or more adult. This allow them to benefit from positive relationship with them. Children often find it difficult to confide in parents and teachers but may open up with other adults.      


There are many types of activities which taught under ASP. all of these activities help the children to enhance their activities in difficult kinds of region according to their interest most popular kinds of activities are as follows

CREATIVE ACTIVITIES: these activities contribute to children's emotional and physical Wellness these activities involve such as day modes, group projects such as murals these activities help children self-expression and make them more creative by different themes, events and programs by these activities children can express them more clearly as a result amazing thought come out. these activities use the space time in most effective way and maintain focus to achieve the best possible. when appropriate leader should display the children act for parents, and another participant to see and encourage them.

LEISURE ACTIVITIES: These activities defined as free play which involves puzzles, reading, games children are free to choose their own activity according to their choice. Children will be more willing to participate in less active games. Each program will be having its own variety of resources it important to offer variety of option. this will empower children participating in your program to make their own choices and allow them to express themselves in healthy and fun ways. it will help child to grow and learn a lot of things in different manner.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES: Children should also engage at least 60 minutes in physical activities to make them flexible and powerful. these activities involve active games like soccer, climbing, pushing, swimming they also need mind relaxation for that YOGA is best. Its benefits children in many different ways by enhancing their power, Wellness, make them healthy these activities should introduce modifying games and diverse activities and the interest of a child should be maintaining so far.

TRANSITION ACTIVITIES: These activities include song, games and discussion like circle games, singing song is a main part of it. It motivates children in a very positive way by engaging a older with younger children. By doing this they make children flexible for every kind of age group. These activities make child fitter mentally and emotionally. It boosts confidence and power of self-esteem in children.

NUTRITION ACTIVITIES: These are most important activities in this program. As this help in building safety, nutrition and wellness. This include positive games, discussions and another format. By this activity children come to know that what is good or bad for their health. It helps in meal planning, oral hygiene and stress-management. Expressing feeling, washing hand before and after meals, solve conflicts by discussion and wearing protective gear driving sports.
It will help in build confidence by offering children choices, encouragement and activities that help them to face any challenges.

In research emphasise the importance of after school staff working alongside regular classroom teachers in obtaining information on their expectation and methods in building academic skills with their partnership established and ongoing, the after school staff can often students participants relevant assistance as the students enjoys a relaxed, supported atmosphere that promote both academic and character development in preparation for all types of real world situation. It helps students to improve relationship with their press in an attempt to affect their relationship throughout their lives.

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